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The Six Wives Of Henry VIII: Jane Seymour (S1EP3 BBC 15 Jan 1970, Anne Stallybrass)



Jane Seymour: Anxious to rid himself of the shrewish Anne Boleyn, and desperate for a son, Henry is charmed by the naive and pious Jane, the daughter of a wealthy country aristocrat.

Cast: Keith Michell (Henry VIII), Patrick Troughton (Duke of Norfolk), Anne Stallybrass (Jane Seymour), Bernard Hepton (Thomas Cranmer), Daniel Moynihan (Edward), Wolfe Morris (Thomas Cromwell, Chancellor And Secretary), Basil Dignam (Bishoip Gardiner), John Ronane (Sir Thomas Seymour, Jane Seymour’s Brother), Alison Frazer (Princess Mary), Sheila Burrell, Gillian Bailey, Dorothy Black, Howard Lang, William Abney, Louis Haslar, Jo Kendall, Marion Mathie, Robin Ford, Peter Sherwood, Jack Connell

Writer: Ian Thorne / Director: John Glenister

Original Airdate: 15 Jan 1970 on BBC
Series: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Season 1 Episode 3