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The Trouble With Maggie Cole Episode 2 | ITV | 11 Mar 2020



Episode 2: Maggie wants to apologise to everyone she’s upset and goes to see GP Carol, but she’s swiftly rebuffed and Peter (Maggie’s husband) comforts her, whilst attempting to hide the fact that her radio interview has gone viral.

The village is reeling from the interview, Maggie’s ex-best friend Jill bonds with fellow members of the so-called ‘outed-six’, including handsome author Marcus.

Meanwhile Neil and Kelly embrace what was broadcast and pretend that they’re lottery winners.

A persistent Maggie refuses to leave Carol’s surgery and ends up discovering the real story of the doctor’s marriage. Maggie feeling more positive about everything until Jill visits later that evening.

Maggie Cole – Dawn French
Peter Cole – Mark Heap
Jamie Cole – Phil Dunster
Becka Cole – Gwyneth Keyworth
Jill Wheadon – Julie Hesmondhalgh
Marcus Ormansby – Patrick Robinson
Karen Saxton – Vicki Pepperdine

Airdate: March 11 2020 21:00 — 22:00 on ITV