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The Trouble with Maggie Cole: Episode 5 (S1EP5 ITV 1 Apr 2020, Julie Hesmondhalgh)



Episode 5: The previous night’s revelations have devastated Maggie and in desperate need of some time alone she heads to the local pub to see if she can get a room for the night.

Regular Cast: Dawn French (Maggie Cole), Mark Heap (Peter Cole), Phil Dunster (Jamie Cole), Gwyneth Keyworth (Becka Cole), Julie Hesmondhalgh (Jill Wheadon), Patrick Robinson (Marcus Ormansby), Vicki Pepperdine (Karen Saxton),

Airdate: 1 Apr 2020 on ITV

Series: The Trouble with Maggie Cole Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Maggie Cole, who lives in a beautiful fishing village, can’t help interfering in other peoples lives but an interview with a radio station sees her revealing everyone’s secrets.