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The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith Premieres Fri May 6 on Prime Video



The Amazon Original docuseries, directed by Nathalie Bibeau, delves deep into the elaborate and controversial sting operation designed to investigate a suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Beverly Lynn Smith—but only raised more questions—and a decades-long search for justice.

Beverly Lynn Smith and her husband lived in a rustic farmhouse in the industrial community of Oshawa, Ontario, with their 10-month-old baby. She was murdered in her home’s kitchen on December 9, 1974. Alan Smith (no relation to Beverly Lynn Smith) has played an important role in the investigation since the night of the murder nearly 50 years ago. The case had gone cold by 2007, until the results of a polygraph test raised suspicions, and Smith became a key person of interest—and the subject of a contentious police investigation. Smith has maintained his innocence throughout all of the twists and turns.

Airdate: Friday 6 May 2022 on Prime Video.