The UnXplained: Sacred Rituals (History Friday May 19, 2023)



The UnXplained

The UnXplained: Sacred Rituals airs Friday May 19, 2023 on History

Sacred rituals have been used by people of all backgrounds and beliefs throughout human history. And while some rituals may seem outlandish, they are often believed to have extraordinary powers. Is it therefore possible for certain actions to elevate the human race to a more spiritual dimension?

Season 5 Episode 7

The UnXplained will tackle subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries, from mysterious structures and cursed ancient cities to extraterrestrial sightings and bizarre rituals. The series will also feature contributions from top scientists, historians, engineers and researchers – each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen.

What time is The UnXplained: Sacred Rituals on tonight

The UnXplained: Sacred Rituals airs Friday May 19, 2023 at 21:00 on History

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