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The Wednesday Play: The Confidence Course (BBC Drama)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Original Publicity: Dennis Price gives The Confidence Course in tonight’s play: Which of these desirable attributes would you most like to possess? 1. Self confidence. 2. Self expression. 3. Good appearance. 4. Good manners. 5. Good memory. 6. Business flair. 7. Ambition. 8. Concentration. 9. Perseverance. 10. Ability to relax. Choose for yourself. We can give you the confidence which gets you places! That is how the advertisement read on the Underground.

Some people of course were indifferent when they saw it. Some were rather above it, or were frightened maybe that if they considered the offer seriously they were admitting their own failure. Some thought there might be something in it for them, and took note of the address and went. They were curious after all, and the advert did stress that there was “no obligation”.

The Wednesday Play tonight gives you an opportunity of trying The Confidence Course for yourself. This is the eighth play in the current series and the fourth first play from a new writer. Dennis Potter, the author, would not appear to be lacking in confidence. At twenty-nine he has already made his mark in a number of fields – leader writer, television critic, parliamentary candidate, and now a television playwright. Giving the course tonight is Dennis Price, and among those taking it is Stanley Baxter. The director is Gilchrist Calder, who has just returned from a Broadway success. All these are hopeful that you will stay the course and enjoy yourselves. (Radio Times, February 18, 1965 – Article by Roger Smith).

This was Dennis Potter’s first play for the BBC, sadly it’s one of those that no longer exists in the archives.

Series: The Wednesday Play Season 2 Episode 8

Cast: Dennis Price (Director), Stanley Baxter (Hazlitt), Geoffrey Matthews (Narrator), Neil McCarthy (Black), Artro Morris (Jones), John Moore (Thomas), William Moore (Hammond), Yootha Joyce (Rosalind Arnold), John Quentin (Bloom), John Blythe (Greenway), Joan Sanderson (Angela Walker), Michael Brill (An Unconfident), Betty Duncan (An Unconfident), John Devaut (An Unconfident), Gilly Flower (An Unconfident), Olive Kirby (An Unconfident), Jack Le White (An Unconfident), Jimmy Mac (An Unconfident), Ronald Mayer (An Unconfident), Diane Woolley (An Unconfident)

Writer: Dennis Potter / Producer: James MacTaggart / Director: Gilchrist Calder

UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 24 February 1965