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The Wednesday Play Up the Junction (BBC Four Wednesday 18 January 2023)



The Wednesday Play

The Wednesday Play airs a new episode tonight Wednesday 18 January 2023 on BBC Four.

Up the Junction The classic play by Nell Dunn about three young ladies from the working class who reside, work, and play in Battersea.

With Geraldine Sherman (Rubo), Carol White (Sylvie), Vickery Turner (Eileen), Michael Standing (Terry), Tony Selby (Dave), Ray Barron (Ron), Pauline Halford (Veronica), Elizabeth Valentine (Linda), Ronald Alexander (Boy), Cleo Sylvestre (Marge), Hilda Barry (Old May), Adrienne Frame (Joyce), Winifred Sabine (First Old Woman), Winifred Dennis (Second Old Woman), Myrtle McKenzie (Woman), Doreen Herrington (Pauline), Sidney Gatcum (Foreman), Sheila Grant (Sheila), George Sewell (Barny),

Airdate: Wednesday 18 January 2023 at 10.30pm on BBC Four.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Four