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The Zoo Gang: Revenge – Post Dated (Series Premiere ITV 5 Apr 1974, with Walter Gotell)



zoo gang

In Revenge: Post Dated, the opening episode of the series, jeweller Tommy Devon, living quietly in Nice, is shocked to recognise the man in his shop buying a ring is Maurice Boucher. During World War II Boucher was a top Nazi and arrested Tommy and other members of his resistance unit torturing and killing many of them.

During the war Tommy’s group was known as The Zoo Gang by the Gestapo because of the animal code words they used. Tommy immediately gets in contact with his old resistance compatriots, Stephen Halliday, Alec Marlowe and Manouche Roget (who also lives in Nice) and the quarter plot their revenge.

Boucher is something of an art collector and the quartet plan an elaborate con, involving a stolen Rembrandt, to bring him to justice.

An excellent opening episode, as glossy as any US series of the time. For once for an ITC-ATV series the whole thing is shot on location and on film. By the end of the episode both Marlowe and Halliday have decided to stay in Nice and the four member of the Zoo Gang are back in business.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 5 April 1974 at 7.30pm

Writer: Reginald Rose / Director: Sidney Hayers

Series: Zoo Gang Season 1, Episode 1

Brian Keith as Stephen Halliday
John Mills as Tommy Devon
Lilli Palmer as Manouche Roget
Barry Morse as Alec Marlowe
Walter Gotell as Maurice Boucher
Michael Petrovitch as Lt Georges Roget
Henry McCarthy as Calvin Smith
Gordon Tanner as Harry Crane
Robert Henderson as Henry Davies
Betty Lynne as Mrs Darbot
Freddy Clarke as Chauffeur
Seretta Wilson as Jill