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Thick as Thieves: The Homecoming (ITV 1 Jun 1974, with Johnny Briggs)



In The Homecoming, after spending three years in prison George Dobbs is looking forward to nothing more than getting home to loving arms of his wife Annie – he is less than happy to discover that his best mate Stan has moved in. Annie also makes it plain that this is no mere infatuation and that she and Stan are together.

After a heart to heart down the pub Stan agrees to move out but unfortunately trips down the stairs on his way out and ends up confined to bed!

The opening episode sets up the premise nicely, John Thaw’s performance is a little broad but Bob Hoskins is spot on as the cuckolded Dobbsy. Pat Ashton puts in a strong performance too as Annie.

Coronation Street’s Johnny Briggs is among the minor players as a drinker in the pub.

classic quote
Dobbs: “I suppose Stanley is the object of your erotic fantasies now then.”
Annie: “No it’s still Peter Wyngarde”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×25 minute episodes / Broadcast Saturday 1 June 1974 at 8.30pm

Writers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais / Production Design: David Catley / Director: Derrick Goodwin

Series: Thick as Thieves Episode 1 (of 8)

Bob Hoskins as George Dobbs
John Thaw as Stan
Pat Ashton as Annie Dobbs
Reg Lye as Norman
Winnie Holman as Cleaning Lady
John J. Carney as Rainbow
Johnny Briggs as Spiggy