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Thick as Thieves: Happy Release (ITV 8 Jun 1974, with Jay Neill)



In Happy Release the happy homecoming for Dobbs has not been as fulsome as he hoped. Best friend Stan has moved in with his wife Annie and Dobbs has found himself having to assume lodger status. Stan has been confined to bed after “doing his back in” tripping over Dobb’s luggage on the stairs.

Stan is not anywhere near as poorly as he is making out but Annie (and George) are waiting on him hand and foot. Dobb’s is still only concerned with being rid of Stan and getting things back to how they were but Annie makes the situation plain. Stan will not be leaving.

Not a lot happens but there is lot’s of great dialogue!

classic quote
“Not only do I have my wife’s lover in the house, I’ve got to play Jeeves to his Bertie Wooster.”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×25 minute episodes / Broadcast Saturday 8 June 1974 at 8.30pm

Wriers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais / Production Design: Rodney Cammish / Director: Derrick Goodwin

Series: Thick as Thieves Episode 2 (of 8)

Bob Hoskins as George Dobbs
John Thaw as Stan
Pat Ashton as Annie Dobbs
Jay Neill as Ambulance Man