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Thirteen Against Fate: The Counsel (S1EP13 BBC One 11 Sep 1966, Michele Dotrice)



The Counsel: 

Jonathan Burn (Adil Bey), Michele Dotrice (Sonia), Jeannette Sterke (Nelia), Nancy Nevinson (Madame Pendelli), Paul Bacon (Pendelli), Michael Pennington (Youth), John Ringham (Koline), Heather Canning (Nadia), Michael Poole (Krugov), Donald Tandy (Official), Terence Soall (Doctor), Andreas Malandrinos (First Man), Madge Brindley (Woman), Geoffrey Beevers (Second Man), Donald McCollum (Old Man), Tina Ruta (Singer), Mario Fiorentini (Accordionist), Sandra Arabian (Katia), John Brandon (John), Ronald Swire (Hussein), Lee Richardson (Jean-Paul), Brian Wright (Young Officer), John Savident (Dutchman), Michael Lynch (Turkish Shepherd), Hilde Maria Demlova (Maid), Ray Smith (Horace), Richard Cornish (Sailor)

Writer: Leo Lehman / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 11 Sep 1966 on BBC One

Series: Thirteen Against Fate Season 1 Episode 13

Show Info: An anthology series of crime dramas all which came from short stories by French writer Georges Simenon. The series aired on BBC One from 19 June – 11 September 1966.