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Thirteen Against Fate: The Son (S1EP10 BBC One 21 Aug 1966, Joan Miller)



The Son: 

Joan Miller (Madame Malou), Simon Ward (Alain Malou), Jack Woolgar (Joseph Bourges), Clive Dunn (Monsieur Jaminet), Priscilla Morgan (Madamoiselle Jaminet), Marty Cruickshank (Corine Malou), Stewart Guidotti (Pierre D’Estier), Ian Colin (Count D’Estier), John Tillinger (Edgar Malou), Alan Curtis (Paul Fabien), Barbara Keogh (Madame Jaminet), Lila Kaye (Madame Poignard), Beryl Baxter (Madame Fabien), Kevin Manser (Auctioneer)

Writer: Jeremy Paul / Director: Waris Hussein

Airdate: 21 Aug 1966 on BBC One

Series: Thirteen Against Fate Season 1 Episode 10

Show Info: An anthology series of crime dramas all which came from short stories by French writer Georges Simenon. The series aired on BBC One from 19 June – 11 September 1966.