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Thirteen Against Fate: The Traveller (S1EP3 BBC One 3 Jul 1966, )



The Traveller: 

Kenneth J. Warren (Babin), Hywel Bennett (Giles Mauvoisin), André van Gyseghem (Plantel), Kevin Stoney (Rinquet), Anthony Shirvell (Gaston), Madeleine Christie (Gerardine Eloi), Joan Young (Jaja), Jocelyn Birdsall (Colette), Joan Heath (Mme Rinquet), Edward Burnham (Hervineau), Michael Hawkins (Doctor Sauvaget), Alan Lake (Robert Eloi), Mercia Mansfield (Mme Sauvaget)

Writer: Stanley Miller / Director: Herbert Wise

Airdate: 3 Jul 1966 on BBC One

Series: Thirteen Against Fate Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: An anthology series of crime dramas all which came from short stories by French writer Georges Simenon. The series aired on BBC One from 19 June – 11 September 1966.