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This Man Craig: Mates (S1EP22 BBC Two 3 Jun 1966, William Russell)



Mates: Francis Cook, nicknamed ‘Wee Bonkers’ by his classmates because of his bookishness and old-fashioned manner, is moved to another form. Here he teams up with Fisher, one of the School’s wilder spirits, with surprising results.

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Ellen McIntosh (Margaret), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Alex McCrindle (Willie Sinclair), William Russell, Rio Fanning, Reg Lye, Peter Fox, Linda Pettifer, Alex Norton, Stuart Mungall, Doris McLatchie, Tom Conti, Tom Thomson, Norma McArthur, Alistair Hunter, Douglas Murchie

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Director: Ian Macnaughton

Original Airdate: 3 Jun 1966 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 1 Episode 22