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This Man Craig: Patterson (S1EP2 BBC Two 14 Jan 1966, Bob Hoskins)



Patterson: When a boy is shoved down a flight of stairs and knocked out it falls to Craig to prove what everyone already knows – that the deed was done by the school ‘hard case’, Kenny Patterson.

Linda Pettifer is the sister of Brian, she would go on to marry Fairport Convention’s Richard Thompson and become an important member of the British folk scene.

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Ellen McIntosh (Margaret), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Joan Alcorn (Katie Duncan), Alex McCrindle (Willie Sinclair), Ross Campbell, James Grant, Stuart Mungall, Helena Gloag, Richard Finlay, Lennox Milne, Harry Walker, Russell Waters, Jean Faulds, Colin Gavigan, Bob Hoskins, Peter Fox, Maureen Beattie, Brian Marco, Linda Pettifer,

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Director: Ian Macnaughton

Original Airdate: 14 Jan 1966 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 1 Episode 2