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This Man Craig: The Time Wasters (S2EP3 BBC Two 1 Oct 1966, Phil McCall)



The Time Wasters: Hughie Bell; total school attendance this term – one hour and ten minutes. A normal absence, or is there another reason? Ask Mrs. Bell – if you can get a straight answer!

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Brian Pettifer (Jimmy Craig), James Martin, Alistair Cheyne, Phil McCall, Alex Allan, Helen Norman, Irene Sunters, Archie Duncan, Walter Jackson, Jamie Lawrie, Richard Findlay, Jameson Clark, Arthur Boland, Alastair Hunter, Wallace Campbell

Writer: Jack Gerson / Director: Michael Currer-Briggs

Original Airdate: 1 Oct 1966 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 2 Episode 3