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This Man Craig: Time For Protest (S1EP13 BBC Two 1 Apr 1966, Leonard Maguire)



Time For Protest: Craig is in trouble after accepting an invitation to speak at a political meeting.

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Alex McCrindle (Willie Sinclair), Brian Pettifer (James Craig), Ellen McIntosh (Margaret), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Shirley Steedman, Michael Elder, Hilary Paterson, Jan Cowan, Ogilvie Crombie, Campbell Godley, Clem Ashby, Phil McCall, John Shedden, Pekoe Ainley, Wallace Campbell, Paul Kermack, Emma Chapman, W. H. D. Joss, Linda Pettifer, David Wilson, Andrew Brown, Derek Whyte, James Gibson, Marjorie Dalziel, Victor Carin, Harvey Scott

Writer: David Turner / Director: Ian Macnaughton

Original Airdate: 1 Apr 1966 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 1 Episode 13