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This Man Craig: Whose Pigeon? (S1EP24 BBC Two 17 Jun 1966, Edith Macarthur)



Whose Pigeon?: Robin Kyle runs off to the Highlands. Who is responsible for his disappearance? His Parents? The garage where he has been sent on an educational scheme? Or the School itself?

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Ellen McIntosh (Margaret), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Brian Pettifer (James Craig), Linda Pettifer, Fulton Mackay, Moultrie Kelsall, John Grieve, Edith Macarthur, David Hayman, Brian Marco, Douglas Storm, Douglas Mitchell, Kenneth Campbell, Bob Hoskins, Carol Dunnigan, Cari Hedderwick, Joyce White, Tom Forbes, David Kinnaird, Iain Smith, Michael O’Halloran, Alex Allan, Edmund Sulley, Calum Lavell, Daniel Ross, Andrew Pyatt, Graham Mackay

Writer: Hugh Forbes / Director: Roger Jenkins

Original Airdate: 17 Jun 1966 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 1 Episode 24