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This Man Craig: You Can Choose Your Friends (S2EP20 BBC Two 7 Feb 1967, William Russell)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

You Can Choose Your Friends: Violette Johns is a valued member of the French department at Strathaird School until the desperate state of her private life begins to affect her judgment as a teacher.

Cast: John Cairney (Ian Craig), Alex McCrindle (Willie Sinclair), Leonard Maguire (Robertson), Joan Alcorn (Katie Duncan), Barbara Couper, David Collings, Arthur Boland, Ilona Rodgers, Bob Hoskins, Gordon Robb, William Russell, Margo Carden, David Steuart

Writer: George Byatt / Idea: Helen Francis / Director: Douglas Moodie

Original Airdate: 7 Feb 1967 on BBC Two
Series: This Man Craig Season 2 Episode 20