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Thriller: Night Is The Time For Killing (ITV, Judy Geeson)



Thriller Night Is The Time For Killing ITV, Judy Geeson

In Night Is the Time For Killing Helen Marlow (Judy Geeson) is recovering from a nervous breakdown after she was involved in a car accident that left her fiancee dead, travelling on a night train she becomes convinced that one of the passengers, Hillary Vance (Charles Gray) has been murdered despite all evidence to the contrary. Unbeknownst to Helen, Vance is on the verge of defecting to the British but there are people out to stop him…

Not one of the best episodes, it’s pretty much a complete rehash of the Lady Vanishes with instead of someone going missing they are replaced by a lookalike showing Clemen’s once again propensity for reworking classic plots. Charles Gray is his usual excellent self but there is not a huge amount for Judy Geeson to do other than look pretty and try and stay consistent with her American accent.

Series: Thriller Season 3 Episode 6

Cast: JUDY GEESON as Helen Marlow; CHARLES GRAY as Hillary Vance; JIM SMILIE as Bob Mallory; JEFFREY WICKHAM as Parker; EDWARD BURNHAM as Minister; ANTHONY NASH as General; JACKI PIPER as Bride; DUNCAN PRESTON as Groom; MILOS KIREK as Ivan Malov; ALISTER WILLIAMSON as Barkly; ROBERT MacLEOD as Henery Marlow; REG PRITCHARD as Attendant; AIMEE DELAMAIN as Penelope; BILL HORSLEY as Waiter

Writer: Brian Clemens / Production Design: Lewis Logan / Director: John Cooper

UK / ITV Network – ATV – ITC / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 18 January 1975