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Thriller: Only A Scream Away (ITV 26 Jan 1974 with Hayley Mills and Gary Collins)



UK / ITV Network – ATV – ITC / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 26 January 1974

Writer: Terence Feely / Story: Brian Clemens / Production Design: Stanley Mills / Director: Peter Jeffries

Series: Thriller / Season 2 Episode 1

In Only A Scream Away Samantha Miller marries her fiance Robert and seems set for the perfect life but is a little put out when blood is spilt on her wedding dress. Moving to a beautiful home in the country Samantha and Robert meet fellow newcomer to the village American banker Howard Heston. When Robert is killed whilst driving Howard’s car and then her beloved Aunt Liza is killed Samantha becomes concerned for her own safety and just why does Howard seem so interested in her past?

More classic Thriller buy a house in the country only to find strange things going on type shenanigans. Much of the plot is signposted well in advance and the whole thing never rings quite true, Joyce Carey as elderly Aunt Liza is a treat though. Richard Beaumont and Candida Brown, who play Sam and Heston as kids, are only actually seen in still photographs.

guest cast
HAYLEY MILLS as Samantha Miller
GARY COLLINS as Howard Heston
JOYCE CAREY as Liza Meredith
DAVID WARBECK as Robert Miller
JONATHAN ELSOM as John Stratford
RONALD MAYER as Dr Lambert
BARRIE FLETCHER as Det. Serg. Sullivan
RICHARD BEAUMONT as Heston as a Child
CANDIDA BROWN as Samantha as a Child