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Time For Murder: This Lightening Always Strikes Twice (ITV 23 Nov 1985, Charles Dance)



This Lightening Always Strikes Twice

In This Lightening Always Strikes Twice public school teacher James Latimer takes on a job home schooling 19 year old Sarah Penwarden, his ideas of earning a little extra on top of his less than ample salary are quickly put to one side as he becomes involved in the strange dynamics of the wealthy Penwardens. He quickly becomes a favourite and when he is offered a 99 year very cheap lease on the East Wing of the Penwarden home by Sarah’s elderly father he doesn’t realise just what a murderous environment he is in.

Quite a Dennis Potter-ish unsettling air about the piece and the Penwarden household is a very strange one to say the least. A stand out performance (one of his last too) from Trevor Howard whilst Charles Dance (in his prime here) is typically smooth and almost assumes the role of private detective midway through. There is also a small role for a young Simon Shepherd.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 23 November 1985

Writer: Michael Robson / Costumes: Esther Dean / Music: Paul Lewis / Production Design: Michael Grimes / Executive Producer: Michael Cox / Producer: Pieter Rogers / Director: David Carson

Series: Time For Murder Episode 3 of 6

CHARLES DANCE as James Latimer
AMANDA ROOT as Sarah Penwarden
EMRYS JAMES as Chief Inspector Dryden
CLAIRE BLOOM as Lady Penwarden
TREVOR HOWARD as Sir Daniel Penwarden
SIMON SHEPHERD as Lawrence Penwarden
JULIA GOODMAN as Julie Penwarden