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Tottering Towers: Funny Goings On (S1EP1 ITV Wed 20 Oct 1971, Patsy Rowlands, Leon Lissek)



Tottering Towers ITV 1971-1972

In Funny Goings On, the opening episode of the series, the scene is set when Dick, the nephew of housekeeper Mrs Pouncer arrives at Tottering Towers with his American friend Daffy. Discovering what dire straits the Duke is in the pair decide to help him save his ancestral hall. Meanwhile a trio of crooks, Benny the Nose, ‘Fingers’ Fish and Geko have plans of their own for the Duke.

Stacey Gregg, although born in the UK, had mostly been acting in the US under the name Stacey Maxwell. Although playing a teenager here she was actually in her mid twenties and had already been married and divorced. She is the offspring of actors Zoe Gail and Hubert Gregg. From the early 1980’s onward her credits have mostly been voice-over ones.

Avice Landon who plays housekeeper Mrs Pouncer is another of those familiar character actors, her career was coming to a close around this time, although she was a semi-regular on season two of Man at the Top as Joe Lampton’s mother in law.

This premiere episode was also given a one page preview in the weeks TV Times.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 20 October 1971 at 5.15pm

Series: Tottering Towers Episode 1 of 13

Writer: Max Oberman / Production Design: Roger Allen / Director: Adrian Cooper

William Mervyn as The Duke
Stacey Gregg as Daffy
Tom Owen as Dick
Avice Landon as Mrs Pouncer
David Still as Gabbige
Patsy Rowlands as Miss Twitty
Leon Lissek as Geko
Louis Mansel as ‘Fingers’ Fish
Vic Wise as Benny the Nose
Kenneth Waller as Ticket Collector