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Tottering Towers: The Secret of the Creaking Stair (S1EP4 ITV Wed 10 Nov 1971, David Lodge)



In The Secret of the Creaking Stair Marmaduke the ghost is still managing to get up to mischief, Mrs Pouncer is convinced she is seeing things.

There was an in-depth two page interview with Stacey Gregg in the weeks TV Times as part of their ‘Women’s Lib’ special (other featured included Germaine Greer, Coral Atkins and Julie Stevens). Stacey, 25 at the time, had spent years living in the US and had been married and divorced. She had grown up in the US after her parents marriage ended. Her father was the composer Hubert Gregg (his most famous song is Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner) and her mother was the singer Zoe Gail.

The issue also had a short snippet on William Mervyn, focusing on his mellifluous voice, he said “it’s an agony of a voice, especially when I hear it. But I admit that many people say they find it attractive.”

Tottering Towers ITV 1971 Stacey Gregg

Stacey Gregg was in her mid twenties playing teenage Daffy.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 10 November 1971 at 5.15pm

Series: Tottering Towers Episode 4 of 13

Writer: Max Oberman / Production Design: Roger Allan / Director: Adrian Cooper

William Mervyn as The Duke
Stacey Gregg as Daffy
Tom Owen as Dick
Avice Landon as Mrs Pouncer
David Lodge as P.C. Poppy
David Stoll as Gabbige
Robert Gillespie as Marmaduke
Patsy Rowlands as Miss Twitty
Leon Lissek as Geko
Louis Mansi as Fingers Fish
Vic Wise as Benny the Nose