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Traffic Cops Season 10 Episode 9 (S10EP9 Channel 5 Mon 24 Jan 2022)



Burglary and the theft of cars and vans is a perennial problem for Derbyshire’s traffic cops. PC Andy Swift is on the lookout for a high-value car that’s been taken from a dealership after being driven on a test drive. Its tracker system has been activated, and police think it’s travelling on the M1.

Control then locate it at a service station, and Andy and a colleague intercept the car filling up at the pumps and arrest the driver — who turns out to be only 16 years old. Coercing the young and vulnerable is a tactic used by gangs to shield themselves when stealing highpowered cars to order. The trade plates are still in the car, along with a £38,500 price tag.

Andy Swift is involved in another vehicle theft that shows how quickly a valued and essential possession can be lost if proper precautions aren’t taken. A builder’s van is taken from a house driveway while its owner pops briefly inside to collect his tools and equipment. The builder’s iPhone is also in the van, but this turns out to be a good thing as his daughter uses it to track the van to where it’s been taken. Andy recovers the van.

Traffic cop PC Dave Shaw is patrolling on a night shift when he follows a car suspected of being used in house burglary. The car fails to stop and a dangerous chase ensues — which is only brought to a halt after the tyres are stung. Two suspects run off into the darkness, but are soon detained by police. A third man, who is trapped in the car by a large flat screen TV, is also arrested. It turns out the driver has no insurance or licence to drive.

Airdate: Monday 24 January 2022 at 8.00pm on Channel 5.

Season 10 Episode 9