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Train Truckers: Heavy Haul Train (S2EP2 Yesterday Thursday 4 August 2022)



Heavy Haul Train

Heavy Haul Train: A CBD80 battery-powered loco needs to be transported 20 miles from a factory in Burton-on-Trent to the historic Chasewater Railway in Staffordshire. However, getting the expensive goliath through the access site without being damaged will be a monumental challenge.

The Sir John Betjeman, a class 20 type 1 diesel electric locomotive, needs to be transported 116 miles north to the North Yorkshire Moors heritage railway line at Pickering by Rick Windsor and Harry Dingwall. The team won’t be able to travel during rush hour due to the abnormally large 70 tonne load, and to add to the pressure, the engine needs to arrive tonight.

Airdate: Thursday 4 August 2022 at 21:00 on Yesterday

Season 2 Episode 2

Train Truckers follows the adventures of a family run crew of heavy-haulage specialists as they race to transport the heaviest, longest and most precious locomotives around the world by road, rail and sea.