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Travel Man’s Greatest Trips: Food and Drink (S1EP2 Channel 4 Fri 7 Aug 2020)



Food and Drink: Richard Ayoade recalls some of the finest meals he has enjoyed on his trips. The memories begin with breakfast in Zurich with Frank Skinner, then a perfect macaron in the company of Mel Giedroyc in Paris. In Barcelona, Richard and Kathy Burke took a masterclass in cava and he learned the secrets of chocolate-making in Brussels with Lee Mack. Richard sampled 14 courses of molecular gastronomy with Dawn French in Athens, and in Hong Kong he and Jon Hamm went in search of street food. Along with Paul Rudd, he sampled a local delicacy in Helsinki, and in Russia some space food with Greg Davies and a Soviet-era meal with Rob Beckett.

Airdate: Fri 7 Aug 2020 at 8.00pm on Channel 4

Season 1 Episode 2