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Triple Digit Flip Frankenhouse vs. Hairball House (A&E Saturday December 10, 2022)



Triple Digit Flip

Today Saturday December 10, 2022 the show Triple Digit Flip airs a new episode called Frankenhouse vs. Hairball House.

The crew has to decide which of two houses to work on – a tiny house or a larger house with a bad layout. Depending on which one they choose it will mean new additions or breaking down existing walls. Will they be able to flip this project for a profit.


Today, Saturday December 10, 2022, the episode Frankenhouse vs. Hairball House airs at 12.00pm on A&E.

Season 2 Episode 2

Triple Digit Flip – Jamil Damji and his team — his best friend and flipper Pace, his project manager and big sister Rahima, and real estate agent Laura, who is also Pace’s wife — look to flip houses all over the Phoenix area into triple digit flips.

Featured Image Credit: A&E