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True Dare Kiss: Episode 1 (S1EP1 BBC1 28 Jun 2007, Pooky Quesnel)



Episode 1: Glamorous businesswoman Nita seemingly has it all – a profitable business, a gorgeous husband and the perfect family. But nothing is ever enough for Nita and she’s fixated on buying run-down Smyrna Grove – a sprawling house ripe for redevelopment. As the owner has no intention of selling, Nita resorts to intimidation tactics which get out of hand when she adds her drunken, football-mad sister, Beth, to the mix. When the agitated owner, Stan, sees her shouting abuse and throwing beer bottles, he collapses. Stan’s son, Dennis, phones for an ambulance. But it’s too late. Events take a twist, as we learn that Stan was Nita’s estranged father and Smyrna Grove was the family home.

Nita bribes all involved to stay quiet, and resolves to continue with her plans to buy the house, preying on her brothers grief to persuade him to sell. But the funeral brings something Nita hadn’t reckoned on. Phil, the sister who disappeared suddenly twenty years ago, is drawn back to the family. Phil hasn’t been seen since the terrible night that split the family. This unnerves Nita, who is now married to Nash, the boyfriend Phil left behind. The funeral is an odd affair.

Phil’s speech leaves more unsaid than spoken. Youngest sister Alice, who hadn’t seen Stan for years, is especially disturbed by her dad’s death and brings along Bryce, a ‘transactional dynamics’ therapist for support. Dennis’ grief turns to bitterness and he takes great delight in telling everyone that they’ll be in for a shock when the will is read. Beth tries to drown her guilt in drink and succeeds in upsetting everyone. The family part, each troubled by their thoughts and memories. Nash, however, cannot let the past lie undisturbed and visits Phil late that night.

Regular Cast: Pooky Quesnel (Nita McKinnon), Lorraine Ashbourne (Beth Sweeney), Paul Hilton (Dennis Tyler), Paul McGann (Nash McKinnon), Dervla Kirwan (Phil Tyler), Esther Hall (Alice Tyler), Brendan Coyle (Kaz Sweeney), Ciaran McMenamin (Bryce Waghorn)

Guest Cast: David Bradley (Stan Tyler), Nicky Bell (Ethan), Elliott Tittensor (JJ), Carlton Dickinson (Georgie), Samantha Blakey (Lola), Antony Bessick, Nick Fletcher, Helen Moon, Anji Kreft, Phil Jervis

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Director: Jeremy Webb

Airdate: 28 Jun 2007 on BBC1

Series: True Dare Kiss Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Six part BBC drama that follows the reunion of four sisters and a brother following the death of their estranged father, uncovering the truth, hiding secrets, and a cataclysmic event in the past.