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True Dare Kiss: Episode 3 (S1EP3 BBC1 12 Jul 2007, Paul Hilton)



Episode 3: Nita’s out jogging and thinks she sees Stan again. But it was just a trick of the light – it’s Dennis, but he refuses to talk to her. Later, Sven tells her she’s won the contract she was chasing and introduces her to his Managing Director so she can vie for an even bigger job. But there’s a test, a challenge meal that Nita will have to put on for the MD. Phil and Beth are both anxious that Dennis is trying to sell Smyrna Grove and that Alice is trying to track down Evie. Something about the house is worrying them both. They also have their own problems to deal with.

Nash seems to be pursuing Phil, and Beth has finally had enough with her family and has decided to escape her life and head for London with Phil. Beth’s husband Kaz seems to know what Beth’s planning and asks Phil for help bringing Beth back into line. When Kaz gets freebies for the Liverpool game, Phil manages to persuade away-game-phobic Beth to go with her. Typically Beth has a whale of a time, she abuses some people, gets into a ruck and finally confesses to Phil that she mistakenly bricked Kaz in 1987, blinding him. During Alice’s second session with Bryce her visions of people arguing become clearer but she’s surprised on awakening to find Bryce so close to her.

Nita returns to Smyrna Grove where Dennis works out that she wants to buy the house. He says he’ll think it over but wants her to look at footage that the security cameras filmed the night Stan died. Dennis claims he can’t quite make out the identity of the gang member (Beth). Nita is horrified and later on sees a dark figure that she could swear is Stan.

Regular Cast: Pooky Quesnel (Nita McKinnon), Lorraine Ashbourne (Beth Sweeney), Paul Hilton (Dennis Tyler), Paul McGann (Nash McKinnon), Dervla Kirwan (Phil Tyler), Esther Hall (Alice Tyler), Brendan Coyle (Kaz Sweeney), Ciaran McMenamin (Bryce Waghorn)

Guest Cast: Elliott Tittensor (JJ), Carlton Dickinson (Georgie), Helen Moon, Anji Kreft, Nick Fletcher, Martin Wenner, Dawn Steele, Dean Andrews, Vincent Davies, Gerard Fletcher

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Director: Jeremy Webb

Airdate: 12 Jul 2007 on BBC1

Series: True Dare Kiss Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Six part BBC drama that follows the reunion of four sisters and a brother following the death of their estranged father, uncovering the truth, hiding secrets, and a cataclysmic event in the past.