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True Dare Kiss: Episode 4 (S1EP4 BBC1 16 Jul 2007, Paul McGann)



Episode 4: The challenge dinner party has been brought forward at a nearly-built shopping centre. Nita manages to put together a team at short notice. Phil tries to make up with Dennis who complains that years of looking after Stan have affected his health. When Dennis reveals there’s a buyer with plans for the cellar, Phil puts in an offer.

In light of this, Dennis asks Nita to up her bid. Nash meets Phil at their former flat. She suggests they sleep together one last time. Alice has clearer flashbacks revealing a tussle between a man and a woman. She wakes up to find Bryce trying to take advantage of her. Nita’s dinner is not going as well as hoped. The nouvelle cuisine is failing to impress and Vinny’s wife, Tanya, recognizes Beth as the abusive fan from the Liverpool match. Vinny’s appalled at Nita’s choice in staff, and belittles her professional abilities. Tempers flare and Vinny ends up with his main course all over him.

During the pandemonium, Dennis phones Nita and needles her conscience. Catching sight of an apparition of Stan, Nita has a fit. Sven reassures her that it must have been an intruder. But Alice also saw Stan. Phil and Nita are summoned to Smyrna Grove. Dennis tells them that he’s sold the house to someone else who intends to gut the place. A digger starts working in the back garden. But is someone else watching Phil and Nita from the house?

Regular Cast: Pooky Quesnel (Nita McKinnon), Lorraine Ashbourne (Beth Sweeney), Paul Hilton (Dennis Tyler), Paul McGann (Nash McKinnon), Dervla Kirwan (Phil Tyler), Esther Hall (Alice Tyler), Brendan Coyle (Kaz Sweeney), Ciaran McMenamin (Bryce Waghorn)

Guest Cast: Samantha Blakey (Lola), Nicky Bell (Ethan), Elliott Tittensor (JJ), Carlton Dickinson (Georgie), Matthew McNulty, Nick Fletcher, Helen Moon, Anji Kreft, Martin Wenner, Dawn Steele, Dean Andrews

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Director: Jeremy Webb

Airdate: 16 Jul 2007 on BBC1

Series: True Dare Kiss Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Six part BBC drama that follows the reunion of four sisters and a brother following the death of their estranged father, uncovering the truth, hiding secrets, and a cataclysmic event in the past.