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True Dare Kiss: Episode 5 (S1EP5 BBC1 26 Jul 2007, Dervla Kirwan)



Episode 5: Stan is very much alive, and despite Dennis’ pleas to end the charade, he won’t be satisfied until Beth and Phil come clean. Dennis summons Phil back to Smyrna Grove for an interrogation. But when Phil and Dennis make up and Dennis reveals Stan’s plan, Stan locks his agoraphobic son out of the house. Kaz tells Beth that he knows about her casual sex with Nash. Meanwhile, Phil tests Nash’s devotion by invoking an old game they played. She dares him to arouse her envy by sleeping with Nita.

Having worked out Bryce is a charlatan, Alice tries to get him to incriminate himself until Bryce insinuates that his recordings of her hallucinations incriminate her family in a heinous crime. Alice tells her sisters. Phil and Beth finally admit that twenty years earlier their mother had turned up at Smyrna Grove demanding half the house. Evie fought with Stan, fell and cracked her head against the fireplace. No one realised Alice saw anything. Stan buried the body and Phil left Smyrna Grove swearing that she would never say a word. Sensing that Nash is about to leave her, Nita indulges in a completely out of character eating binge.

Nash is shocked by the sight of his suddenly vulnerable wife. They fall passionately into bed for the first time in eighteen years. Desperate for counselling calls, Nita calls Bryce. Beth, Phil and Alice try to work out what to do. Later, Alice dreams of a blood-splattered Evie, manic laughter echoing over a vision of her in a shallow grave.

Regular Cast: Pooky Quesnel (Nita McKinnon), Lorraine Ashbourne (Beth Sweeney), Paul Hilton (Dennis Tyler), Paul McGann (Nash McKinnon), Dervla Kirwan (Phil Tyler), Esther Hall (Alice Tyler), Brendan Coyle (Kaz Sweeney), Ciaran McMenamin (Bryce Waghorn)

Guest Cast: Ishia Bennison (Evie), David Bradley (Stan Tyler), Samantha Blakey (Lola), Nicky Bell (Ethan), Helen Moon, Nick Fletcher

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Director: Jeremy Webb

Airdate: 26 Jul 2007 on BBC1

Series: True Dare Kiss Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Six part BBC drama that follows the reunion of four sisters and a brother following the death of their estranged father, uncovering the truth, hiding secrets, and a cataclysmic event in the past.