Truth Seekers: The Haunting of Connelly’s Nook (S1EP1 Amazon 30 Oct 2020, Simon Pegg)



The Haunting of Connelly’s Nook: Gus Roberts is the number one installer at SMYLE, Britain’s biggest mobile network operator and internet service provider. In his spare time he’s also a keen investigator of the paranormal. Gus is less than pleased when his boss Dave partners him up with new recruit Elton John. But then their first job together leads them right to a real life haunting…

Regular Cast: Simon Pegg (Dave), Nick Frost (Gus), Samson Kayo (Elton), Malcolm McDowell (Richard), Emma D’Arcy (Astrid), Susan Wokoma (Helen),

Airdate: 30 Oct 2020 on Amazon

Series: Truth Seekers Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: A team of paranormal investigators uncover a conspiracy that could threaten the very existence of humanity.

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