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Turtle’s Progress Episode One (ITV 23 Apr 1979, with Godfrey James)



In the first episode of Turtle’s Progress petty crook Razor Eddie Malone has nicked a van that just happens to contain a whole stash of just stolen safety deposit boxes. His partner in crime Turtle realises they are sitting on a veritable goldmine.

The pair, well Turtle mainly, see their find as the perfect opportunity to go legit. They set up in business as Guaranteed Security Inc. The first box they open belongs to London gangster Bullitt, apart from quite a bit of cash there are also notebooks detailing his protection racket and all the pubs he collects on. Turtle and Razor embark on a little trip to collect the weeks takings.

The emphasis is definitely on comedy rather than drama. In fact the playing is a little too broad at times.

The excellent Godfrey James is main guest star, he too goes a little too broad in his role though so it verges on pantomime.

Turtle's Progress Episode 1

James Grout plays Rafferty, the cop trying to track down the stolen boxes.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 23 April 1979

Writer: Edmund Ward / Production Design: Michael Eve / Director: Gareth Davies.

Series: Turtle’s Progress Season 1 Episode 1

John Landry as Turtle
Michael Attwell as Razor Eddie
Ruby Head as Aunt Ethel
James Grout as Rafferty
Godfrey James as Bullitt
Barry Stanton as Geordie Sam
Priscilla Morgan as Phyllis
Tony London as George Wagstaff
Tom Cotcher as John Tolland
Douglas Blackwell as Publican
Daniel Gerroll as Home Office Aide
Raymond Witch as Tripod
Mike Savage as Taxi Driver
Terry Kinsella as Jason Thorpe