Twisted Sister (Lifetime Friday March 24 2023)



Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister airs a new episode tonight Friday March 24 2023 on Lifetime.

Emily (Mena Suvari) has a stunning daughter, a thriving PR agency, a sizable bequest from her parents, and a seemingly healthy marriage to husband Kyle (Jason Sudeikis) thanks to some couples counselling. (Mark Famiglietti).

So, when Lily (Joy Nash) claims to be Emily’s half-sister, Emily welcomes her with open arms. After all, Emily misses having a dad and a sibling around since they are no longer with her.

However, as Emily gets to know her sister better, she begins to experience increasing difficulties. Emily has no idea who to trust and starts to suspect everyone, even Lily, who is jealous of Emily’s success and has planned to seduce her husband and steal her life.

With Mena Suvari (Emily), Mark Famiglietti (Kyle), Joy Nash (Lily), Aina Dumlao (Aurora), Enya Flack (Cassie), Darren Dupree Washington (Marty), Tre’Sean Durham (Frat Boy at Toga Party)

Airdate: Friday March 24 2023 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: Lifetime

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