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Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living: Clean Up Your Act (S3EP10 BET Wed May 25, 2022)



Clean Up Your Act: Cora is tired of the residents’ bad habits, such as not cleaning up after themselves, bickering over the television, leaving the toilet seat up, and using foul language. She convenes a meeting and presents them with a new set of house rules, complete with consequences for those who break them and gold stars for those who comply.

Airdate: Wed May 25, 2022 at 21:30 on BET

Season 3 Episode 10

Jeremy, a patriarch of a young family with teenage children, loses his job and decides to move to the backwoods of Georgia to help his crazy grandfather. Grandpa Vinny has foolishly purchased a terribly run-down home for the elderly and he is in way over his head, but comedy ensues as Mr. Brown and Cora show up at the right time as needy investors.