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UK Horror Thriller The Devil’s Hour Premieres Friday 28 October on Prime Video



UK Horror Thriller The Devil’s Hour, starring Jessica Raine, Peter Capaldi and Nikesh Patel, premieres Friday 28 October on Prime Video.

The television show centres on Jessica Raine’s character Lucy, who experiences terrifying dreams every night at 3.33 a.m., otherwise known as the devil’s hour. Her son, who is eight years old, is aloof and emotionless. Her mother addresses vacant chairs. The echoes of a life other than her own are present throughout her home.

The solutions to the questions that have eluded Lucy for so long will finally become clear when her name is mysteriously linked to a spate of brutal killings in the neighbourhood. Peter Capaldi portrays a reclusive nomad who is obsessed with murder. He turns into the main target of a police search operation directed by sympathetic detective Ravi Dhillon, played by actor Nikesh Patel.

Airdate: Friday 28 October 2022 on Prime Video.