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Unbeatable: Series Premiere (S1EP1 BBC One Mon 10 May 2021)



Some answers are good, but only one is ‘unbeatable' in this knock-out quiz tournament where contestants could win up to £10,000.

Airdate: Mon 10 May 2021 at 14:45 on BBC One

Season 1 Episode 1

In Unbeatable, the four contestants can always give an answer – but can they give the ‘Unbeatable' answer and streak ahead of the competition to win a cash prize? This knockout competition is full of fun knowledge and easy to play along for viewers at home. Contestants and viewers will soon see just how ‘unbeatable' they are…

Packed full of questions that quiz-savvy audiences can play along with and lots of laughs along the way, Unbeatable is a real treat for daytime viewers.