Under the Vines Episode 3 (ABC TV Saturday 25 March 2023)



Under the Vines on ABC

The latest episode of Under the Vines on ABC features Louis’s long-awaited family reunion, which unfortunately doesn’t live up to his expectations. Meanwhile at Oakley, Daisy is trying to get Gus and Tippy on board with participating in the Behind the Vines exhibit as a representative of the vineyard.

Daisy consults Hilary and Nic for insight into the situation, but their explanations fall short of her expectations. Tippy has trouble building self-assurance, and Gus’s weak negotiating abilities prompt Daisy to enlist the assistance of the beautiful Ben. It doesn’t take long for her to realise that she might be making out with an enemy.

Louis becomes enraged as calamity threatens Oakley due to Rowan, Julian, and Paige’s carelessness. Because of this, Julian makes a hasty choice. After consulting with Gus, Louis decides to disregard Daisy’s advise on how to mend his strained relationship with Simone. He has high hopes for a grand gesture he prepares, but it backfires.

Don offers unsolicited advise to Louis, leading to a drunken proclamation. To Louis’s dismay, Julian reveals something to Daisy that takes her by surprise, and Daisy offers dating counsel to Simone.

Production Credit: Libertine Pictures & EQ Media

Airdate: Saturday 25 March 2023 at 8.20pm (11.20pm NSW) on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 3

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