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Under The Vines “Episode 3” (ABC TV Saturday 25 March 2023)



Under The Vines

Under The Vines airs a new episode tonight Saturday 25 March 2023 on ABC TV.

“Episode 3” At Oakley, Daisy tells Gus and Tippy about her ambitions to have the vineyard featured in the Behind the Vines showcase, to conflicting reactions.
Daisy goes over to Hilary and Nic to ask them about the occasion, but she isn’t very pleased with what she finds out. Tippy has confidence issues, and Gus is terrible at haggling, so Daisy strikes up a conversation with Ben, only to realise she may be flirting with the enemy.
While everything is going on, disaster strikes at Oakley when Rowan, Julian, and Paige causes mayhem and an angry Louis’ reaction prompts Julian to make a hasty choice. Louis asks Daisy for guidance on how to mend fences with Simone, but ultimately follows Gus’s counsel instead. He has high hopes for the outcome of his grand gesture, but it has the opposite effect.
Don gives Louis the advise of a foolish man when drunk, prompting a rash proclamation from Louis. And Louis isn’t too impressed by Daisy’s dating advise to Simone, given to her after she and Julian have a talk that reveals some surprising information.

Rebecca Gibney (Daisy Munroe), Charles Edwards (Louis Oakley), Robbie Magasiva (Robert the Builder),

Airdate: Saturday 25 March 2023 at 8.20pm on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 3

Featured Image Credit: ABC TV