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Underbelly Razor: The Darlinghurst Outrage (Channel 9 11 Sep 2011)



Darlinghurst Outrage

In The Darlinghurst Outrage things are not looking too clever for Phil who looks likely to be hanged following a high profile crime. If Phil does take the Hangman’s noose then Kate and Tilly will both want control of the drugs trade that he runs in the heart of Sydney.

All of the Underbelly’s have been superb in their own way but we are veering towards Razor being our favourite of them all, the stylised production design and costumes are gorgeous and the three lead girls are definitely stars in the making.

production details
Australia | Channel 9 | 60 minutes | AIRDATE: Sunday 11 September 2011 @ 8.37pm

Underbelly Razor Season 1 Episode 5

Anna McGahan as Nellie Cameron
Chelsie Preston-Crayford as Tilly Devine
John Batchelor as Wally Tomlinson
Danielle Cormack as Kate Leigh
Matt Boesenberg as John