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Undercover Holiday (Hallmark Sunday December 4, 2022)



Undercover Holiday

Tonight Sunday December 4, 2022 the Hallmark movie Undercover Holiday premieres.

When returning home for the holidays, newly discovered pop star Jaylen misrepresents Matt as her new love interest by claiming that he is actually her overbearing security guard.

With Noemi Gonzalez (Jaylen Rodriguez), Stephen Huszar (Matt), Mishka Thébaud (Hector), Ann Pirvu (Margot), Diana Salvatore (Lorelai), Amanda Martínez (Camila), Juan Chioran (Joaquin), Allison Feliciano (Faith), Derick Agyemang (Tyler), Risha Nanda (Char), Gabriela Reynoso (Abuela Luisa), Timothy Mooney (Officer Windham), Kara Wang (Eddie), Chance Morgan (JJ Stone),

Airdate for the episode

Tonight, Sunday December 4, 2022, the episode airs at 8.00pm on Hallmark.


Featured Image Credit: Hallmark