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Unexpected: He Wasn't Breathing (S4EP15 TLC Mon 3 May 2021)



He Wasn’t Breathing: Lilly and Lawrence get to take their baby home; Michelle shares shocking news with Ethan and Myrka; Tyra and Alex go their separate ways.

Airdate: Mon 3 May 2021 at 22:00 on TLC

Season 4 Episode 15

Pulling back the curtain on the complicated family affair that is teenage pregnancy, Unexpected will look at various stages of each pregnancy and the first few weeks of parenthood with teens who happened to have been raised by teens. The series focuses on three teen couples who are entirely unprepared to have a child and their parents or grandparents who must step in and help through this huge life change. Tensions mount between the families as everyone has conflicting ideas for what is best for the young parents and their child – from where they will live to whether or not they should get married.