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Unforgotten: Episode 2 (S4EP2 ITV Mon 1 Mar 2021)



Cassie and Sunny continue to investigate Fogerty’s driving offence.

Without the rest of the victim’s body, the team are unable to establish cause of death and are under pressure to progress the investigation. Without hard evidence, Andrews is reluctant to believe that the police probationers were involved.

Boulting has tracked down Walsh’s next of kin, his estranged son Jerome. Cassie pays him a visit, but he reveals he has never met his father and the only contact he has is his Uncle Clive. Meanwhile Collier has drawn a blank with the search for the rest of Walsh’s body but Sunny has had a breakthrough and identified the names of the four passengers in the car.

Dean Barton makes a mysterious trip to France and Liz Baildon is up for a promotion to the top job in the East Anglian police force. Ram is experiencing problems at work as he faces an allegation of inappropriate behaviour while Liz finalises the purchase of her new therapy clinic.

Jerome’s DNA confirms that Matthew Walsh is definitely the victim and Cassie instructs it to be put out on the evening news.

Airdate: Mon 1 Mar 2021 at 9.00pm on ITV

Season 4 Episode 2