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United We Fall: The Biter (S1EP2 ABC Wed 15 Jul 2020)



The Biter: At Chuy’s insistence, Bill and Jo finally enroll Lulu in preschool only to discover she is a biter. While they navigate incident reports and overprotective parents, Sandy explores their family history with an ancestry DNA kit.

The Biter is written by Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Kellett, and directed by Mark Cendrowski.

United We Fall stars Will Sasso as Bill Ryan, Christina Vidal Mitchell as Jo Rodriguez, Jane Curtin as Sandy Ryan, Guillermo Diaz as Chuy Rodriguez and Ella Grace Helton as Emily Ryan.

Guest stars include Gloria Calderon Kellett as Ms. Molina and Sarah Levy as Kendra.

Airdate: Wed 15 Jul 2020 at 8.30pm on ABC

Season 1 Episode 2