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V.C. Andrews’ Landry Family: All That Glitters (S1EP3 Lifetime Sat 27 Mar 2021)



All That Glitters picks up as Ruby is driven from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved childhood home in the bayou where she’s intent on creating a new life for her baby girl, Pearl. Ruby’s high school sweetheart, Paul, once again is there to support her, and when he moves her into his impressive home, she has new hope for the future. However, Ruby can’t escape the judging eyes of Paul’s mother Gladys who knows Ruby and Paul’s dark secret and Giselle continues to torment Ruby when she reveals news about Beau, Pearl’s real father and Ruby’s true love. Ruby longs for another life. The web of deceit continues when Giselle falls into a coma and Ruby finds herself lured into a twisted plan to be with Beau.

Cast: Raechelle Banno (Ruby), Kristian Alfonso (Gladys), Ty Wood (Beau), Karina Banno (Giselle), Sam Duke (Paul), Chad Willett (Louis), Tess Atkins (Jeanne), Crystal R. Fox (Nina), Todd Thomson (Octavious Tate), Mila Jones (Young Pearl), Sage Linder (Abby), Jeb Beach (Tate’s Attorney), Neil Charlesworth (Butler H.O.D.), William Fielding (Charlie),

Airdate: Sat 27 Mar 2021 at 8.00pm on Lifetime

Season 1 Episode 3

V.C. Andrews’ Landry Family follows Ruby Landry, who after being raised by her loving spiritual healer grandmother in the Louisiana bayou, is ensnared in a world of dark family secrets and betrayal, upon discovering that she has another family living in New Orleans.