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V.C. Andrews’ Landry Family: Hidden Jewel (S1EP4 Lifetime Sun 28 Mar 2021)



Hidden Jewel finds Ruby trying to find a new life for her children and desperate to protect her beloved daughter from the dark secrets she harbors. Raised amidst the privileges in New Orleans, Pearl aspires to become a doctor, but when an unfortunate accident occurs to one of her twin brothers, Pearl’s dreams are threatened and Ruby runs, once again back to the bayou. And when one of Pearl’s younger brothers becomes deathly ill, she must journey to the backwaters to find her mother and uncover the mysterious secrets of her past.

Kristian Alfonso (Gladys), Raechelle Banno (Ruby), Evan Roderick (Jack), Ty Wood (Beau), Crystal R. Fox (Nina), Sam Duke (Paul), Jennifer Laporte (Pearl), Karina Banno (Gisselle), Tess Atkins (Jeanne), Dean Petriw (Jean),

Airdate: Sun 28 Mar 2021 at 8.00pm on Lifetime

Season 1 Episode 4

V.C. Andrews’ Landry Family follows Ruby Landry, who after being raised by her loving spiritual healer grandmother in the Louisiana bayou, is ensnared in a world of dark family secrets and betrayal, upon discovering that she has another family living in New Orleans.