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Van der Valk: Face Value (ITV 17 Oct 1977, with Denis Lill)



Van der Valk Face Value with Clifford Rose and Denis Lill

In Face Value, Piet Gobel, a forger of famous paintings is found dead in his flat by Van der Valk himself after the female caretaker becomes concerned that he hasn’t been seen for three days. It soon becomes obvious that the painter is involved in a scam where provenance for genuine worth a fortune paintings is provided and a fake then sold in it’s place.

Roberts who is supplying the provenance to De Groote from Australian sources decides to help Van der Valk once he realises how much trouble he is in.

In a twist it turns out Gobel faked his own death in a bid to take one of the genuine masterpieces and start a new life elsewhere.

All three guest stars in this episode, Michael Sheard, Clifford Rose and Denis Lill had appeared on Van der Valk before in different roles. Sheard had appeared in Season One’s Elected Silence – this time out though he was working for the police as their resident art expert. Clifford Rose had appeared in the very first Van der Valk episode One Herring’s Not Enough and Denis Lill had appeared in season two episode A Rose From Mr Reinhart.

Van der Valk Face Value

Looking groovier than normal Michael Sheard played art expert Ruytens.

Denis Lill here plays an Australian, which was not too much of a stretch for him as he was born in New Zealand. The TV Times of the week (15 Oct 77) had a short feature on him and his background.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 17 October 1977 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robert Wales / Director: Mike Vardy

Series: Van der Valk Season 3 Episode 7

Barry Foster as Van der Valk
Joanna Dunham as Arlette
Nigel Stock as Samson
Denis Lill as Roberts
Clifford Rose as De Groote
Michael Sheard as Ruytens
Gillian Barge as Woman
Ian Lowe as Piet Gobel
Kenton Moore as Customs Officer
Anna Wing as Concierge
Peter Quince as Man