Van der Valk: A Man of No Importance (ITV 5 Sep 1973, with Patricia Lawrence)

In A Man of No Importance the body of a man, clad only in a pair of pyjama bottoms, is found on a canal barge. Initially the bargee is chief suspect but it soon becomes clear that there is more to the story. As the investigation continues Van der Valk and Kroon discover the body was thrown from a passing sleeper train.

The dead man actually died of a heart attack so why was he dumped from the sleeper? A 3 year old cheque worth 40,000 guilders, a valuable engagement ring and a lonely middle aged widow holds the key to the mystery.

Halsbeek has given Van der Valk three days to close the case.
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Another intriguing episode, Halsbeek is very keen to put Van der Valk in his place. He’s very antagonistic towards him and is actually pretty dismissive of the whole investigation.

On the home front Van der Valk has bought Arlette a new dishwasher and he is keen to sample the epic meal she has prepared (so she can dirty as many plates as possible to test out the new machine) but of course never being off duty means he doesn’t get the chance.

Arlette has prepared an amazing dinner but Van der Valk gets called out – and not for the first time.
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production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 5 September 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Arden Winch / Production Design: Mike Hall, Neville Green / Director: Douglas Camfield

Series: Van der Valk Season 2 Episode 2

Barry Foster as Van der Valk
Michael Latimer as Kroon
Susan Travers as Arlette
Sydney Tafler as Halsbeek
Richardson Morgan as Bargee
David Millett as Body
Brian Honeyball as Policeman
Denis Thorne as Officer of Justice
Ian Fairbairn as Pathologist
Karin Fernald as Yvonne
Patricia Lawrence as Marijke Hoekstra
Kevin Stoney as Kemeling
Donald Pelmear as Jan Vierman
Wanda Moore as Irene van Vliet

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