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Van der Valk: Thicker Than Water (ITV 11 Oct 1972, with Susan Travers)



Van der Valk Thicker Than Water

In Thicker Than Water the body of a well groomed young man is pulled from the canal by a dredger. As Van der Valk and Kroon investigate they discover links with both The Hague and London. Van der Valk thinks he has identified the body but the man’s mother insists it’s not him. Van der Valk is convinced she is lying.

Proving again that this is a show for grown ups the plot touches heavily on homosexuality and transvestitism. A large section of the audience would have no doubt been horrified by the scenes inside the drag club.

There is a very groovy version of the theme tune that accompanies Van der Valk on his trawl through the city’s red light district.

Van Der Valk Thicker Than Water

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 11 October 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Geoffrey Gilbert / Production Design: Roger Allan / Director: David Wickes

Series: Van der Valk Season 1 Episode 5

Barry Foster as Van der Valk
Susan Travers as Arlette Van de Valk
Michael Latimer as Kroon
Richard Smith as Peter Hackforth
Martin Wyldeck as Samson
Michael Lees as Dr Roest
Joyce Heron as Hilda Ruysbroek
Pauline Letts as Muriel Hackforth
David Leland as Madam Arthur
Billy Hamon as Saskia